Welcome to Laslett Sport Psychology.

We are a private sport psychology consultancy business based in Utah, USA.  We are here to support athletes  on their journeys towards becoming the best people and performers they can be.  Through our services we strive to facilitate the personal growth and well-being of all our clients.  We aim to help our clients enhance their psychological skills and athletic performance.  We want all our clients to flourish, both as performers and as people.

We mainly work with athletes, but also work closely with technical coaches, support staff, and parents.  We provide one-to-one consultancy, group/team workshops, on-court/on field psychoeducation and ‘system’ level support (Click on ‘services’ for more detailed descriptions).



General Background

Ben is a sport psychology consultant based in Utah, USA.  From here he runs a sport and performance psychology consultancy business.  Ben works predominantly with individual athletes, coaches, parents [of athletes], performance artists, teams, sports academies and other sporting organisations.  There are five main strands to the work Ben conducts with his clients: 1) one-to-one psychological support; 2) workshops (includes a mixture of presentations, fun practical tasks/activities and interactive discussion); 3) psychoeducational sessions, which are integrated within technical coaching sessions; 4) ‘system’ level support (e.g., helping create commitment culture within an organisation) and 5) lectures/key note presentations.  Ben is passionate about building quality working relationships with clients that will enable them to reach their goals.

Education and qualifications

Ben was born in Canterbury, U.K. and completed most of his schooling in the UK.  Ben completed an undergraduate/bachelors degree at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) in Psychology with Sport and Exercise Science.  He received the Gordon Underwood trust award for his graduation work in sport psychology, an award given to the undergraduate student who was considered by the CCCU academic department to have excelled and contributed the most to sport and exercise psychology throughout their degree.  Following this, he completed a diploma in psychology at the University of East London and an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Chichester.  Ben then went onto complete his graduate training to become a sport and exercise psychologist, through the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Professional Training/Consultancy

Ben is a Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist (CPsychol) certified through the British Psychological Society (BPS). He is a chartered member of the BPS and adheres to their professional code of conduct at all times.  This training is considered the ‘gold standard’ route towards becoming a sport psychologist in the UK and is similar to the training route to become a certified mental performance consultant (CMPC) in the USA. Ben has experience of working with athletes from a range of different sports including: football/soccer, tennis, golf, and track and field athletics.

Academic Teaching   

Ben has enjoyed two spells of academic teaching at CCCU, where he contributed to the delivery of modules/classes at all levels of the BSc Sport and Exercise Science/Sport and Exercise Psychology degree programmes.  He lectured on a variety of different topics including stress, emotion and coping in sport, performance anxiety in sport, self-confidence, concentration, motivation and attribution, flow states, group cohesion, group dynamics, the psychological effects of exercise and more.  He helped devise different types of formative and summative assessments, tutored students on a one-to-one basis, and marked assignments.

Sporting background

Ben has always maintained an active interest in sporting activities and is an adept all-round sportsman.  This is reflected by the fact he represented his home county in the UK (i.e., Kent) at soccer, hockey and cricket during youth. Ben’s main sport is soccer and he represented Chelsea youth and also had trials for  England U15’s.  Ben went on to play for 16 years as a semi-professional soccer player.  He was a loyal servant to Ramsgate FC first XI, whereby he made over 400 appearances as a central midfielder –  He was given a special award and testimonial match for his loyal dedicated service.


Ben still enjoys playing sports like tennis, table tennis, soccer, and golf.  Ben loves to travel, watch movies and go for walks.  Above all else, Ben loves to spend time with his wife, Celeste and two children (Mercedes and Luke).


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I own a Classical Ballet school in Arizona (AZ). Ben has done several seminars/workshops for my dancers. I wanted someone who understands what it truly means to be an elite athlete, to address my high-level students. Once I found out Ben has been a professional athlete along with his extensive studies and experience in sports psychology, I felt I had found the right person to advise and help my dancers with their performance and competition anxiety. Ben is extremely professional, with a down-to-earth personality that makes him very approachable and easy to understand. My students really enjoyed his workshops and we have had excellent feedback from parents. I was especially impressed with his knowledge and research of Classical Ballet. I am now having him teach all of our health/wellness seminars/workshops we are offering as part of our Summer Intensive Program.

Robbin Holley-Elowe – Artistic Director & Head Ballet Instructor for Studio R Ballet (Arizona)

“Ben demonstrated a professional and diligent approach to his work. Ben  worked well within our [sport psychology staff] team and was able to take initiative and work effectively alone.  I was able to fully trust Ben to lead quality sport psychology sessions with groups of [youth] tennis players.  The [technical tennis] coaching team often provided positive feedback regarding Ben’s delivery and his personal manner with the children and coaches”.

“Ben has a gentle and calm nature, which proved to be a valuable addition to our team.  He treats others with compassion, respect, understanding and professionalism. Ben has a fantastic ability to reflect, and to help others reflect, which has been a skill that has certainly helped Ben to flourish at Sutton tennis academy.  I very much valued Ben’s opinion and judgment, which was always thoughtful, reflective and considered.  He has been a fantastic member of our team and will be greatly missed.  I would certainly recommend Ben for employment and I am confident he would provide a helpful and pleasant addition to any team”.

Lerissa Graham – Lead Sport Psychologist at Sutton Tennis Academy (STA)