“Ben demonstrated a professional and diligent approach to his work. Ben  worked well within our [sport psychology staff] team and was able to take initiative and work effectively alone.  I was able to fully trust Ben to lead quality sport psychology sessions with groups of [youth] tennis players.  The [technical tennis] coaching team often provided positive feedback regarding Ben’s delivery and his personal manner with the children and coaches”.

“Ben has a gentle and calm nature, which proved to be a valuable addition to our team.  He treats others with compassion, respect, understanding and professionalism. Ben has a fantastic ability to reflect, and to help others reflect, which has been a skill that has certainly helped Ben to flourish at Sutton tennis academy.  I very much valued Ben’s opinion and judgment, which was always thoughtful, reflective and considered.  He has been a fantastic member of our team and will be greatly missed.  I would certainly recommend Ben for employment and I am confident he would provide a helpful and pleasant addition to any team”.

Lerissa Graham – Lead Sport Psychologist at Sutton Tennis Academy (STA)

“At STA we are one of the few academies who integrate sport psychology so heavily.  While the integration has its challenges, to have people like Ben deliver, enable it to work effectively.  The [tennis] programme is busy, and tennis coaches have a lot to consider during sessions such as setting up and delivering drills, ensuring the sessions are run well and ensuring all players are applying themselves.  Ben does a great job in appreciating this, and has a great knack of knowing when to approach coaches to see how his work can merge into the sessions.  Ben will always be planned and have ideas at the ready.  This makes the sessions run smoothly as there is no time wasted.  Ben has a way about his delivery which is very soothing.  His tone and language are well-chosen, on point, clear and deliberate.  tennis players are notoriously a little emotional and crazy! Ben brings an air of calmness which settles players.  Ben was also a useful sounding board for me as a coach.  To share ideas and how players are behaving is very useful, and as the months went on, I felt I could trust Ben’s judgment.  His experiences as a footballer certainly helped him relate to the players; to know how to talk to them and how they may be feeling.  I would highly recommend Ben in any employment role, and I feel this would not only benefit Ben himself, but also and more importantly, it would benefit the academy/company/organisation”.

Jamie Feaver – Head Performance Coach at Sutton Tennis Academy (STA)

“During his period with the sport and exercise psychology teaching team, Ben delivered outstanding quality lecture sessions and workshops, as well as one to one/group tutorials and practicals.  His real strength during this period was his ability to simplify complex concepts and issues, and deliver them in an engaging and stimulating fashion.  He was always able to connect with the students in attendance, by talking to and with them, rather than talking at them”.

“Bens enthusiasm for all things psychological and athletic meant he was able to draw on an extensive range of topics and methods, to really facilitate the understanding of the student cohort.  I am sure that this will stand him in good stead in his professional career”.

“Ben is reliable and approachable, and has developed excellent relationships with his colleagues.  Ben has that rare ability to motivate and bring the best out of those around him”.

Martin Southam – Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU)

“Whilst working as a sport psychologist for 25 years, I have met, trained, mentored, supervised, and worked closely with a great number of fellow practitioners in my field. Ben’s work stands out as he is able to combine great sport psychology knowledge along with significant coaching and playing experience.   I have also been greatly impressed by Ben’s personal approach. He retains a great humility, a deep care for his athlete clients, and maintains his professionalism in all situations.”

Dr. Brian Hemmings, C.Psychol; AFBPsS; FBASES
HCPC Registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist

Dr. Brian Hemmings – HCPC Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist (Leader of Golf Mind)

I have known Ben for over 20 years. I was Ben’s coach at Chelsea FC youth academy. Ben was a talented player, a very good technician, and a pleasure to coach. As a youth player he was very receptive to his coaches and worked really hard to improve his game. I was proud to see Ben go on to play at a high semi-professional level. I was really pleased when our sporting paths crossed again three years ago when I was able to offer Ben a professional coaching position at Gillingham Football clubs youth academy advanced development centre.

During his three seasons at Gillingham he has developed into a fine confident coach. His calm coaching style has helped many of the young players to improve and he is highly respected by them, their parents, and all the coaching staff. We all at Gills wish him well and he will be greatly missed.

Kevin Craddock
Gillingham Football Club Academy Advanced Centre Head Coach

Kevin Craddock – Gillingham Football Club Academy Advanced Centre Head Coach

Ben has all always shown a committed, reflective and professional attitude to his work at Gillingham Football Club and it was a pleasure to have such an experienced and well-mannered coach as part of our coaching team. His demeanour when coaching the boys at both the development and advanced centre was outstanding and his calm approach always bought fluidity to the sessions he delivered. I would highly recommend Ben for any job role as he would prove to be a huge asset to the company, academy or organisation.
Craig Coles
Gillingham Football Club Development Centre Head Coach

Craig Coles – Gillingham Football Club Development Centre Head Coach

Ben has been a great asset to AYSO United Utah over the last two years.  As AYSO United Utah was looking to develop a new and unique youth soccer summer camp we were introduced to Ben and immediately knew he was who we wanted to join forces with.  Through our initial camp, Ben introduced Sport Psychology to our coaches and players, an element of the game that our club was lacking.  The athletes were immediately attracted to Ben because of his ability to connect and engage with them on an age appropriate level.  His genuine passion and desire to teach the importance of sport psychology is evident in his organization, preparedness, presentation and delivery. 

Not only has Ben taught sport psychology principles (e.g., confidence, commitment, growth mindset, emotional control and more) to our club members, he has also coached the technical side of the game.  He has been influential in correcting soccer technique and has introduced new ways of performing it.  Ben has a calm yet confident demeanour that allows him to be an efficient and positive role model and coach.  His ability to offer constructive criticism while helping the player feel confident is an exceptional skill.

 We greatly value our relationship between AYSO United Utah and Ben.

Kaitlin Hunt – Director of Club Communications & Joshua Hunt – Director of Coaching; American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) United Utah

We were so excited when we found Ben! We wanted someone to work on and improve our sons skill level in soccer. Ben did just that! Each week Raidon was so excited to go work with Ben. He makes the trainings fun for the kids while teaching and helping them improve. My favorite thing is how positive and encouraging Ben is with his clients. Raidon left each week feeling so confident in his work and looked forward to going back and working with him the next time. Ben is excellent at what he does and exceeded our expectations. We would definitely recommend him to everyone!!

Alyssa S (Soccer Parent)

I own a Classical Ballet school in Arizona (AZ). Ben has done several seminars/workshops for my dancers. I wanted someone who understands what it truly means to be an elite athlete, to address my high-level students. Once I found out Ben has been a professional athlete along with his extensive studies and experience in sports psychology, I felt I had found the right person to advise and help my dancers with their performance and competition anxiety. Ben is extremely professional, with a down-to-earth personality that makes him very approachable and easy to understand. My students really enjoyed his workshops and we have had excellent feedback from parents. I was especially impressed with his knowledge and research of Classical Ballet. I am now having him teach all of our health/wellness seminars/workshops we are offering as part of our Summer Intensive Program.

Robbin Holley-Elowe – Artistic Director & Head Ballet Instructor for Studio R Ballet (Arizona)