Muhammad Ali training and using self – talk

Muhammad Ali was the king of using self-talk.  Self talk refers to the thoughts that one has inside their mind, that might be used to enhance psychological skills (e.g., confidence, concentration, emotion regulation) and subsequent performance.  These thoughts might be going on silently within the athletes mind, or may be expressed aloud.  In this clip we get to see Ali expressing his thoughts (or self talk) aloud as he is training for his famous fight against George Foreman; the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.  In this clip Ali seems to be talking to himself about the strategy he might use in the fight (e.g., “Keep dancing”, “Tire him out”).  He also uses some self-talk to counter what some of the journalists have been saying regarding his old legs (e.g., Don’t talk about how my legs are going.  I want to train 20 rounds today; they [coaches] wont let me”).  Enjoy watching.

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