Kaitlin Hunt – Director of Club Communications & Joshua Hunt – Director of Coaching; American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) United Utah

Ben has been a great asset to AYSO United Utah over the last two years.  As AYSO United Utah was looking to develop a new and unique youth soccer summer camp we were introduced to Ben and immediately knew he was who we wanted to join forces with.  Through our initial camp, Ben introduced Sport Psychology to our coaches and players, an element of the game that our club was lacking.  The athletes were immediately attracted to Ben because of his ability to connect and engage with them on an age appropriate level.  His genuine passion and desire to teach the importance of sport psychology is evident in his organization, preparedness, presentation and delivery. 

Not only has Ben taught sport psychology principles (e.g., confidence, commitment, growth mindset, emotional control and more) to our club members, he has also coached the technical side of the game.  He has been influential in correcting soccer technique and has introduced new ways of performing it.  Ben has a calm yet confident demeanour that allows him to be an efficient and positive role model and coach.  His ability to offer constructive criticism while helping the player feel confident is an exceptional skill.

 We greatly value our relationship between AYSO United Utah and Ben.