Lerissa Graham – Lead Sport Psychologist at Sutton Tennis Academy (STA)

“Ben demonstrated a professional and diligent approach to his work. Ben  worked well within our [sport psychology staff] team and was able to take initiative and work effectively alone.  I was able to fully trust Ben to lead quality sport psychology sessions with groups of [youth] tennis players.  The [technical tennis] coaching team often provided positive feedback regarding Ben’s delivery and his personal manner with the children and coaches”.

“Ben has a gentle and calm nature, which proved to be a valuable addition to our team.  He treats others with compassion, respect, understanding and professionalism. Ben has a fantastic ability to reflect, and to help others reflect, which has been a skill that has certainly helped Ben to flourish at Sutton tennis academy.  I very much valued Ben’s opinion and judgment, which was always thoughtful, reflective and considered.  He has been a fantastic member of our team and will be greatly missed.  I would certainly recommend Ben for employment and I am confident he would provide a helpful and pleasant addition to any team”.