Jamie Feaver – Head Performance Coach at Sutton Tennis Academy (STA)

“At STA we are one of the few academies who integrate sport psychology so heavily.  While the integration has its challenges, to have people like Ben deliver, enable it to work effectively.  The [tennis] programme is busy, and tennis coaches have a lot to consider during sessions such as setting up and delivering drills, ensuring the sessions are run well and ensuring all players are applying themselves.  Ben does a great job in appreciating this, and has a great knack of knowing when to approach coaches to see how his work can merge into the sessions.  Ben will always be planned and have ideas at the ready.  This makes the sessions run smoothly as there is no time wasted.  Ben has a way about his delivery which is very soothing.  His tone and language are well-chosen, on point, clear and deliberate.  tennis players are notoriously a little emotional and crazy! Ben brings an air of calmness which settles players.  Ben was also a useful sounding board for me as a coach.  To share ideas and how players are behaving is very useful, and as the months went on, I felt I could trust Ben’s judgment.  His experiences as a footballer certainly helped him relate to the players; to know how to talk to them and how they may be feeling.  I would highly recommend Ben in any employment role, and I feel this would not only benefit Ben himself, but also and more importantly, it would benefit the academy/company/organisation”.