Martin Southam – Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU)

“During his period with the sport and exercise psychology teaching team, Ben delivered outstanding quality lecture sessions and workshops, as well as one to one/group tutorials and practicals.  His real strength during this period was his ability to simplify complex concepts and issues, and deliver them in an engaging and stimulating fashion.  He was always able to connect with the students in attendance, by talking to and with them, rather than talking at them”.

“Bens enthusiasm for all things psychological and athletic meant he was able to draw on an extensive range of topics and methods, to really facilitate the understanding of the student cohort.  I am sure that this will stand him in good stead in his professional career”.

“Ben is reliable and approachable, and has developed excellent relationships with his colleagues.  Ben has that rare ability to motivate and bring the best out of those around him”.